ORTC – One Revolution Tube Cutter

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Product Description

One Revolution Tube Cutter for Hand or Ratchet Wrench Applications

The One Revolution Tube Cutter is your solution for quick cutting and removal by hand. For use on the ferrous and non-ferrous tubes that are commonly found in condensers, heat exchangers, and boilers, this tool will decrease the set up and operation time required for trimming.

The tool comes standard adjustable from one to six inches, but is available in an extended reach model in ten inch increments.

How it Works

Simply rotate the cutter continuously in a clockwise direction with your hand or ratchet wrench, and the vessel will be punctured and cut in one full revolution. To remove the tool, simply rotate it counterclockwise until the bit is closed and the tool is easily removed.


  • Quick and convenient set up and operation
  • Premium quality cutting blade
  • Very low maintenance
  • Easy replacement of tool bit

EGI is well known for making some of the most superior quality tube tools for boiler, condenser and heat exchanger maintenance and construction. Their strong fabrication from the best raw materials will provide you with highly effective equipment that requires little maintenance.

Order your one revolution tube cutter for effective hand wrench trimming and cutting.


ORTC - One Revolution Tube Cutter 

ORTC - One Revolution Tube Cutter