Electric Dictator Millhog

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Product Description

Electric Dictator Millhog for Fast Heavy Duty Prep

The Electric Dictator Millhog gives you powerful weld end preparation on pipe with wall thicknesses exceeding 1.75 inches. Its high quality engineering will provide you with many years of service, allowing you to save the money spent on using machine service companies for your thick wall prep. The Dictator is ideal for all of your pipeline, petrochemical, duplex and super duplex, and power generation applications.


  • Fully portable onsite use
  • Optional torque multiplying gear box is available
  • Single mandrel and eight pads/ribs cover the full tool range
  • Easily interchangeable with hydraulic and pneumatic motors
  • Optional additional tool posts offer improved machining function
  • Self centering clamping system simplifies operation
  • Powerful 1800 watt electric motor is available as 110 or 230 volt

The tool kit comes complete with gear head, feed mechanism, electric motor, mandrel, hose and couplings, draw rod assembly, blade blocks, and a protective carrying case.

Order your money-saving Electric Dictator Millhog and perform your own heavy weld end prep with ease.


Electric Dictator Millhog - Specifications

Clamp Rib & Pad Selection

Electric Dictator Millhog - Clamp Rib & Pad Selection