Electric Wart Millhog

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Product Description

The Electric Wart Millhog is driven by a powerful 1400 watt double insulated motor, and performs facing, boring and beveling simultaneously. Its unique design requires only one mandrel for its full range of applications, saving you the time wasted switching out parts onsite. You do not need to make any effort to centre the tool as it offers a self aligning feature, and the easy to install ribs and pads further simplify its operation.


  • Lightweight and chatter free design for comfortable operation
  • Fabricated for high volume use
  • Sealed mandrel prevents debris from entering the gears
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Compact size allows access in low clearance spaces
  • Long lasting titanium nitride coated cutter blades


  • Compact enough for single tube removal
  • Most popular tool for boiler maintenance
  • Quickly peels back clad or tubes with weld overlay

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Electric Wart Millhog - Specifications

Clamp Rib & pad selection

Electric Wart Millhog - Clamp Rib & pad selection

Cutter Head Selection

Electric Wart Millhog - Cutter Head Selection