Tube Weasel Millhog

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Product Description

Prep Efficiently with the Tube Weasel Millhog

The compact, rugged Tube Weasel Millhog will allow you to access even the smallest boiler tubes for quick and accurate end prep. Its heavily tested powerful pneumatic motor provides dependable results in little time, and the safety throttle eliminates the chance of accidental motor start-ups.


  • Produces a thick, continuous chip with no chatter
  • Comfortable operation at any orientation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Blade lock system protects the operator’s safety, and gives error-free results
  • Only 25 cfm of air is required for best results
  • Titanium nitride coating on cutter blades contribute to a long lifetime


This end prep tool is suitable for use on all kinds of hard alloys. Its typical application is boiler construction and maintenance, but it can be used on any tubes between ¾ inch inside diameter and 3” outside diameter (19.1 mm ID- 76.2 mm OD). The right angle gear head drive system mounts securely to the inner diameter.


Tube Weasel Millhog