Wart Millhog

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Product Description

Simultaneous Facing, Boring and Beveling with Wart Millhog

The Wart Millhog pipe bevel machine gives you flawless facing, boring and beveling simultaneously. It is fabricated for high volume use, and possesses many features to minimize maintenance and extend its lifetime. The tool lacks the bushings that commonly wear out in similar tools, and it offers a specially sealed mandrel that eliminates debris from getting inside of the tool.


  • Lightweight and chatter free design for comfortable operation
  • Clean, and does not require cutting lubricant
  • Minimal operator fatigue as a result of the torque-free operation
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easily access limited space areas
  • Dual roller bearings for increased durability
  • Reliable titanium nitride coated cutter blades

Efficiency Boosting Convenience

The Wart Millhog uses a single mandrel for the majority of its applications, so you can save the time and energy spend switching out the parts. To prepare for a job, all you have to do is select the ribs and pads for the ID size you are working on, and quickly install them. Insert it into the vessel, and the tool automatically self-aligns.

Electric Model

The gear head can easily convert to an electric powered tool when combined with the Wart 1400 watt double insulated electric motor.

“Z Wart” End Prep Model

With an additional right angle drive, this tool provides optimum results for when width is limited and torque has to be maximized. The additional drive decreases the RPM by half, doubling the torque on the cutting blade.

“Contour Wart” Model

The contour model is made specifically for profiling tube ends to sit evenly on the header’s radius, allowing for full penetration welds.


The limited clearance design fits between tubes easily and allows you to perform single tube removal tasks. Its rugged fabrication handles tough alloys, and it is most commonly used for boilermaker maintenance, peeling back clad tubes, or ones with weld overlay.


Wart Millhog

Cutter Heads

Wart Millhog Cutter Heads

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