Dictator II Millhog

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Product Description

Dictator Millhog Pipe Beveler to Simplify Heavy Duty Prep Applications

The Dictator Millhog pipe beveler allows you to avoid costly specialized machine service companies and prep even the heaviest super-duplex pipe using a powerful 3 hp pneumatic motor. Your 3 drive motor choices ensure that this tool can stand up to all of your high torque applications.

Select from 4 Powerful Drives:

  • Standard pneumatic straight drive motor with 3 hp, capable of producing 2500 ft lbs of torque
  • 3 hp offset gear reduction straight drive motor, delivering up to 5000 ft lbs of torque
  • Hydraulic speed control motor drive capable of producing up to 6000 ft lbs of torque
  • 1800 Watt Electric Motor, 110 or 230 volt 

Suitable for your heavy duty pipeline, super duplex, petrochemical, and power generation applications, the Millhog pipe beveler will save you the time and money spent outsourcing your heavy applications. The Millhog pipe beveler fully portable, so you are able to use it in shop or on-site.


  • The entire range of the tool is covered under one mandrel and 8 clamps
  • Interchangeable motor drives
  • Extra strong wide clamps provide accurate chatter free operation
  • Capable of prepping 18 inch schedule 160 pipe
  • Clean operation without requiring cutting fluids
  • Designed to provide many years of reliable service

Order your Dictator Millhog pipe beveler machine and stop wasting money on machine service companies.


Dictator Millhog