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Uni-Torc Square Drive

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Product Description

Your Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench Needs Versatility and Strength

The Norwolf Uni-Torc is the most adaptable square drive hydraulic torque wrench available. Its solid design and construction, and universal fitting make it the smartest addition to your torque gun line up. Loosen corroded fasteners with no effort or struggle, with this lightweight and dependable tool.


  • Highest accuracy at plus or minus 3%
  • Easy maintenance as a result of the limited moving parts and only 1 O-ring
  • Full swivel range
  • Fabricated from solid aluminum
  • Single line (extremely lightweight) or double line

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Uni-Torq Square Drive Diagram

Uni-Torc Square Drive

Uni-Torq Square Drive Specifications

Uni-Torc Square Drive