Hex Drive Series

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Product Description

A groundbreaking hydraulic torque wrench system

The Norwolf X Driver is the thinnest, flattest and fastest hydraulic torque wrench system on the market.

The power head fits:

  • The A Drive, a standard long reach low profile hex link.
  • A hyper low profile M Drive with your choice of ratcheting and spanner style links.
  • The V Drive – a square drive.

Can take a beating

The steel power head is built to take abuse and there are no proprietary tools required for maintenance.

With a single piece piston and one high pressure O-ring, the drive drastically reduces its chance of failure. Larger diameter oil portals allow oil to move faster through the tool, adding to the speed advantage of the wrench and reducing heat generation.

The power head is a 360 degree hose swivel, and connecting the optional hose adapter gives it a 360 by 360 rotation, making the hose easier to manage.

A Drive

The A Drive is the hex link allowing the system to fit onto hex nuts in low profile applications.. The X Driver is the fastest to fit because the patented design curve allows for a wide angle of approach.

The ratchet design contains only three parts:

  • The drive palm.
  • The ratchet.
  • The gear.

With a longer stroke and more effective oil distribution, the A Drive is up to 70% faster than other tools.

M Drive

The M Drive is made for tight applications where other wrenches can’t fit. It has 3 choices of hex links.

  • An enclosed ratcheting cassette with no exposed teeth and a hyper low profile.
  • A non ratcheting spanner link.
  • A swing open non-ratcheting link that fits around jammed nuts.

V Drive

The V Drive is the fastest and most versatile square drive on the market. Boasting up to a 36 degree power stroke, the tool exceeds the competition by producing a 30% faster stroke. The V Drive is the tool of choice for socket driven applications.

The V Drive provides the largest reaction area of any tool. It’s the only one piece square drive, ensuring the reaction arm is never dropped.

Solid steel design and fewer parts make this wrench so advanced it’s not only a tool but an entire system.

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