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Don’t compromise quality with inefficient bolt tensioning

Why do something the hard way, when efficiency can save you time and money? Our bolt tensioners, torque guns, and wrenches streamline your processes, giving your projects the consistent results you need to be successful.

Torque Guns & Wrenches to Engineers

We help you to increase the effectiveness of your project by doing three things:

  • analyzing your procedures – recommending improvements
  • replacing your out-of-date equipment with modern tools of the newest technology
  • providing you and your team with free onsite training and demonstrations

You can have confidence in our recommendations. Because we have extensive industry experience - over 130 man-years - we appreciate what is important to you. You need tools that not only are powerful, but can also measure up to precision requirements necessary for your projects.  

Ultra Torq supplies you with faster, lighter, and stronger tools to rent or own:

Our customers depend on us to provide them with the best solution to their project’s challenges. We do this by providing you offerings that supply more power or improved functionality, decreasing the time spent on key tasks.

You should not have to cut corners to keep your project profitable, when there are solutions that allow you to maintain your highest standard of quality and ensure efficiency. If you’re interested in our torque guns to improve your controlled bolt tensioning processes, request a demo and we will bring our products to you.