Prepzilla Millhog

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Product Description

Powerful, Smooth, and Quiet Prepzilla Millhog Pipe Beveling Equipment

Take your pipe from torched off to a perfect bevel quickly and easily with Prepzilla Millhog pipe beveling equipment.  The low-noise motor, and chatter- free blade locking system provides you comfortable operation and reliable results. This tool allows you to prep even the toughest tube material, and its standard mandrel covers the full range of the tool.


  • Capable of cutting through duplex tubing
  • Time-saving simultaneous bevel and facing
  • Optional cross feed attachment for flange facing, end severing, and grooving
  • Low maintenance design
  • Reliable heavy duty clamp

Extended Tool Life

The Prezilla is designed to provide a long lifetime or dependable end prep. Its blade locking feature decreases stress on the cutter and the fluidless cutting means easier maintenance.

Rugged and Powerful Design

The 30 RPM motor provides you with tremendous torque, and requires only 90 PSI of air pressure. Dual opposed tapered roller bearings drive perfect, smooth results, and the heavy duty clamping system allows you to reliably attach to and prep thick wall pipe at any angle.

Optional Cross Feed Benefits

  • Fast mounting
  • Capable of severing torched ends with up to 1.5 inch wall
  • Eliminates clam shell tools, saving you money

Order your Prepzilla Millhog pipe beveling equipment today to improve your productivity.


Prepzilla Millhog