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You need urgent delivery of tube tools

Delaying a job means a decrease in profitability. If your project is set to kickoff and you find yourself without the tube tools that you need, we can provide you with what you need most, immediately. Whether there was a lapse in the ordering process, or an important tensioning or pipe tool has broken down at a critical time, we will rush our products to you and solve your problem. With our express service, you can stop worrying about meeting deadlines.

Tube Tools for Onsite Supervisors

We provide you with:

You have access to the most trustworthy and reputable brands through Ultra Torq. We have extensive experience in the industry, and a clear understanding of what is important to you when selecting equipment: reliability, accuracy, usability, and quality. View our catalogue to browse our full stock.

The brands that we offer you are:

  • Norwolf products
  • ESCO products
  • RAD products
  • EGI & Airetool products
  • Elliott products

If you are considering upgrading to a product with more advanced technology, or renting an advanced bolt tensioner or pipe beveller for the first time, your team might need supervision until they are comfortable using the equipment on their own. Our jobsite supervision service, and free jobsite training, will get your employees completing their tasks efficiently and confidently. Our comprehensive training improves your performance and also reduces the threat of jobsite accidents. Most importantly, these services decrease the amount of your own time that you would have to dedicate to these tasks.

If outstanding product quality and instruction are important to you and time is of the essence, contact us now. We will bring our torque, tensioning, or tube tools right to your site so that you can experience Ultra Torq brand’s quality and support services first hand.