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Power Fin Removal Millhog

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Product Description

The Time Saving Power Fin Removal Millhog

The powerful Millhog tube fin removal tool is an efficient alternative to chipping hammers and grinders. In just one step, your outer diameter and fin bond is cut, and your tube end is beveled and prepped. The high quality engineering and smooth operation will provide you with perfect results, every time.


  • Easy maintenance without the requirement of cutting fluids
  • Decrease the time spent during end prep
  • Blade can be re-sharpened, saving you the money and hassle of purchasing replacements
  • Extremely comfortable to operate, with no reaction torque felt by the user

The Fin Millhog can remove up to 4 inches of fin in less than two minutes. This versatile tool allows you to operate it in any orientation, and its safety throttle helps you avoid accidental start-ups.

Your Complete Millhog Kit #FH-200

Get everything you need to complete your task effectively in the FH-200 kit:

  • Motor and gear drive
  • Removal head of your choice
  • H-1 or h-4 clamp set
  • Hose with filter, oiler, and couplers (3/8”)
  • Set of allen wrenches
  • Carrying case
  • Manual

Order your power fin removal tool now and stop wasting time and energy spent chipping and grinding.


Power Fin Removal Millhog