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Hydraulic Stub Pullers

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Product Description

Rapid Tube Extraction with Stub Pullers


Decrease the time it takes you to remove tube stubs by using the electric or pneumatic gripper tube pullers. This model offers a remote control and high extraction force.

Onlypul & Runpul

The Onlypul semi-automatic continuous extractor is hydraulically powered and suitable for small scale exchanger and condenser maintenance tasks. They are suitable for use on vessels between 3/8 inch and 4 inch.

The Runpul offers the same features as the previous model with the addition of double jaws, making it your ideal choice for larger scale maintenance activities.

Power Unit Options:

Hand pump- TP1-H

Lightweight pump, weighing in at less than 30 pounds, capable of reaching 4600psi maximum pressure.

Semi-Automatic Electrical Hydraulic Pump- TP10-E

Compatible with Grippul and Onlypul, guaranteed pressure of 5075 psi (and 10000psi model available on special order).

Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump- TP10-P

Entry level pneumatic pump, capable of a maximum pressure of 5075 psi (or 10000 psi by special order).

Automatic Electrical Hydraulic/Automatic Pneumatic-Hydraulic Pumps- TP30PS, TP30E

Mid-level pumps for use with Grippul and Onlypul, guaranteeing 5075 psi.

PLC Managed Automatic Electric Hydraulic Pump- TP60-E

Highest quality electrical hydraulic pump, for use with Onlypul and Runpul , suitable for large maintenance tasks.

Automatic Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump Unit – TP60-P

Top quality pneumatic hydraulic pump, for big maintenance activities, offering maximum pressure of 5075 psi.

Optional Accessories

  • Impact tool for setting the mandrel
  • Spring balancer
  • Socket
  • Quick adapter hydraulic hose
  • Support arms for vertical heat exchanger applications

Order your stub pullers today and increase your heat exchanger maintenance efficiency.