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Rolling Motors

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Product Description

Order Powerful Rolling Motors to Drive Your Heat Exchanger Tube Rolling

Select the suggested rolling motor for your powerful tube expanders and see how fast you can complete your expanding and flaring. Our rolling motors will help you achieve accurate rolling of tubes of any size or thickness, quickly and their quiet operation and lightweight construction make them very comfortable to use.

You can select from right angle style, electric, and push-pull systems that deliver unmatched value and productivity.

K20 Pneumatic Series

K20 motors offer an automatic reverse feature that registers when you have expanded to your desired size and automatically basks out of the tube. It provides torque controlled rolling to vessels with outer diameters from 1/4-1/2 inch (6.3mm-12.7mm)

Available in RPMs: 500, 1800, 2500.

K20 Pneumatic Rolling Motor

K50 Pneumatic Push and Pull

The K50 models provide the most uniform expansions, and are designed to avoid under or over rolling. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction ensure comfort and ease of operation for the user.

K50 Push Pull Pneumatic Rolling Motor

K70 Right Angle

K70 torque controlled motors offer design specific for the boiler tube industry, including mud drums, firetubes, and steam drums. All come equipped with a roll throttle, with the option to add a lever throttle.

K70 Right Angle Rolling Motor

K77 Right Angle

The K77 right angle series provides you a pneumatic system suitable for use with tubes and refinery fittings up to 8 inches.

Auto-K50 With Auto Reverse

The Auto K-50 simplifies your expanding significantly. When expander is inserted, motor automatically starts, expands, and reverses when your result is achieved.

Auto K50 Rolling Motor with Auto Reverse

Need help selecting the right rolling motor?

Ultra Torq has extensive industry knowledge of all the different applications of tube and pipe equipment. Our knowledgeable representatives can analyze your uses and make recommendations on the best tools and methods to complete your tasks.

Improve your heat exchanger tube rolling now by ordering rolling motors for rush delivery.