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Firetube Boiler Flaring Tube Expander

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Product Description

The Firetube Boiler Flaring Tube Expander will stand up to all of your air heater, boiler, and economizer jobs, providing you with consistent results in little time.

The self feeding, three flare roll design features an adjustable thrust collar that helps to reduce friction and therefore extends the life of your tool. The ability to adjust the collar also allows you to achieve consistent flare length for all of your applications. If you are looking to fix leaky tubes, or to begin complete boiler construction, this series of expanders will make your job easier.


  • self feeding
  • top quality engineering leading to extended tool life
  • comes standard with three expansion rolls and three flare rolls
  • models with 6 expansion rolls are available by special order
  • compatible with our right-angle rolling motors
  • adjustable collar for consistent results

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Firetube Boiler Flaring Tube Expander