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Condenser Tube Expanders - Refinery

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Product Description

Refinery Condenser Tube/Pipe Expanders - Perfect Functionality for Your Applications

Rely on our high quality condenser tube expanders for the best uniform expansion in your refinery fitting construction and maintenance.  These special tools offer the precise functionality that your applications require, so they provide the most dependable and error-free results.

Benefits of our Tube Tools

  • Top quality and durability that exceeds industry competitors
  • Long lasting engineering
  • Custom designed for your particular application

Durable and Reliable

Our products are manufactured by industry leaders in producing superior equipment from resilient raw materials. Your tools are subjected to a large amount of heavy wear, so it is critical that they are fabricated in a way that stands up to the stress.

Long Lasting and Custom Designed

Since our refinery expander was created specifically for thick walled cracking furnace tubes, it has been engineered to endure the stresses that this application places on it. You will get a longer tool life out of this custom tool than you would with multi-use equipment.


  • Suitable for use with tubes with:
    •  an outside diameter of 50-250 mm (2-10 inches)
    • Gauges from 6 to 15 mm (.19-.59 inches)
  • Flares from 10-15 degrees
  • Roll lengths from 38.1-101 mm (1.5-4 inches)

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