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Condenser Tube Expanders 8012 Series

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Product Description

8012 Series Expanders for Thick Walled Tubes

The 8012 Series of expanders are constructed to stand up to and provide a long tool life through all of your thick tube sheet applications. This series of tools is extremely versatile, available with 5 rolls and offering a thin thrust collar or long reach option.

Use for maintenance and construction of:

  • Boilers
  • Air heaters
  • Refinery tubes
  • Oil coolers
  • Heat exchangers

Benefits of the 8012 Series Expanders

  • Dependable construction from quality raw materials
  • Lightweight
  • Long tool life, low maintenance
  • Perfect for thicker tubes

Want to Decrease Workplace Accidents?

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Condenser Tube Expanders 8012 Series

Condenser Tube Expanders 8012 Series