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Product Description

Cuts fast without compromising precision

The AXXAIR CC121 orbital pipe cutting tool is made to cut up to 4” (4.5”OD) pipe. Primarily used for cutting, the AXXAIR CC121 can also be used for beveling up to .31 wall. The CC121 also comes with a dual-output cutting motor (with 2 blade positions for uptake).


  • Optimized blade-jaw distance cuts down on vibration and tube distortion
  • Concentric clamping via 4 jaws stainless steel in standard to cut down on tube distortion
  • Electric and pneumatic motor controls
  • Standard rotation handle lengthens blade life and improves cutting accuracy
  • Cutting precision for perpendicular cuts < 0.25 mm

A big tool for big jobs

When you have a lot of pipe to cut, the AXXAIR CC121 is up to the task. And its operator-friendly design will ensure more workers can make more cuts all shift long.


  • STAINLESS STEEL JAWS: 1 – 4.5 inches (24 – 121 mm)
  • RANGE: .25 to 4.5 inches (5 – 108mm)
  • DIMENSIONS (HxLxI): 17 x 20.5 x 11.7 inches
  • WEIGHT: 82 lbs (37 kg)

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