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Pipe, tube and bolting tool recommendations

Increase productivity through improved processes and work-flow

Ultra Torq has helped mechanical contractors, supervisors and managers improve the efficiency of operations by making available latest tools for purchase or rent, jobsite training and quality repair and calibration services. Whether you are part of the oil industry, mining, smelting, mechanical, construction or off road heavy equipment, we can help improve your processes and work-flow.

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  • Application analysis: Do you need to improve productivity and performance of your applications? Ultra Torq’s experienced engineers will analyze your installation, repair and maintenance processes and suggest important improvements that will speed up the work process. Our extensive choice of boiler and heat exchanger tube tools, pipe beveling tools, bolting or tensioning tools can help avoid unnecessary downtime, speed up operations and increase output. Talk to us about analyzing your processes.
  • Productivity analysis: Greater productivity means higher profitability. Perhaps your employees are spending too much time and effort with hand tools or outdated pipe beveling and cutting tools and tube expanders. Qualified Ultra Torq professionals will conduct a productivity analysis and make recommendations that will improve efficiency and save resources, time and money. Ask for our assistance right away!
  • Tooling recommendation: Having the right tools for the job can cut time and effort by more than half. We have the knowledge and experience to suggest the right tools for your various applications in Eastern Canada. Matching tube expander materials, accurate calculations of depth and diameter for boiler and condenser tube installation, alignment, removal and maintenance are just few areas of our expertise. You can count on us for modern bolt tensioners, torque multipliers, and that will guarantee optimum efficiency.
  • Jobsite training: New equipment brings the need for training. Ultra Torq’s combined 130 man years of experience in the industry makes us the best people for the job. Our job-site training service provides all the hands-on instruction your staff needs. Onsite job training also means less time away from assigned responsibilities. Our tools and services are recognized for their high quality. Schedule your jobsite training now.
  • Jobsite supervision: When you purchase or hire our advanced bolt tensioners, tube expanders or pipe cutting and beveling tools, your staff may need supervision until they are comfortable using the equipment on their own. As part of our jobsite supervision service in Eastern Canada, trained Ultra Torq technicians will ensure optimum performance and eliminate the risk of accidents. Tell us what you need.
  • Repair and calibration: Repair and calibration requires experienced technicians and certified test equipment. Ultra Torq has the required dedicated certification stands to repair, calibrate and certify hand torque wrenches, hydraulic and manual ratchet type bolting heads, continuous rotation nut runners and bolt tensioners, for a variety of industries including refineries, construction, wind energy farms, etc. Our expertise in maintenance, repair and calibration helps us quickly identify your problem applications and allows us to suggest changes to the way work is being performed so that your tradesmen can operate at optimum levels. Contact us now.

Ultra Torq will keep you steps ahead of the competition!