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Pipe cutting and beveling machines

Prepzilla Millhog

Prepzilla Millhog

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Wart Millhog

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High Speed Beveler

High Speed Beveler

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Improve productivity and minimize accidents.

State-of-the-art pipe cutting and beveling machines improve performance, accuracy and productivity. Pipe cutting tools from Ultra Torq save you time and money and minimize the risk of industrial accidents.


You can request more information about pipe cutting and beveling machines for purchase or rent in Eastern Canada by sending us a quick message.

Automate pipe cutting and beveling for a huge productivity boost

Hand grinding is time consuming and difficult. It’s also hard to maintain accuracy.

Modern pipe beveling tools offer perfect, repeatable results minus the hard work and frustration. No matter the thickness and diameter of your pipes or the required angle, Ultra Torq has pipe cutting and pipe beveling machines certified to deliver accurate results in no time at all.

Our pneumatic pipe cutting tools are just perfect for cutting and beveling thinner wall, lower tensile strength pipes while the hydraulic pipe tools can stand up to continuous and heavier applications.

Our extensive range includes

  • Piloted high revolution tube bevellers for hard to reach and close to bends areas
  • Pneumatic high powered saws for boiler panel removal, pipe severing, and tank wall cutting
  • Chain clamps mounts for small diameter pipe cutting
  • Internal clamping end prep tools
  • OD clamping split frame tools

Portable, small or large  pipe cutting tools, pipe beveling tools, whatever your preference, our superior pipe tools will ensure that the job is done right the very first time.

Ask our experienced engineers in Eastern Canada about pipe cutting and beveling machines for cold severing or abrasive cutting. We can even also help with onsite training and supervision services.

Gas and oil pipelines, ship building, power plants or mechanical contractors, Ultra Torq pipe cutting and pipe beveling tools will streamline your operations and help you increase productivity.

Download our Tube Expanding Procedural Document to learn more about which tube expander will deliver optimum results.

Don’t waste valuable time and resources on hand tools and out dated methods. Whether you decide to buy or rent, we offer quality, affordable prices and personalized service.

Give us a call right away!