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Commander Millhog

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Product Description

Commander Millhog Pipe Beveling Machine

The Commander Millhog pipe beveling machine is your reliable end prep ID clamping tool for all of your heavy wall tube applications. Whether you are working with pipeline construction, the petrochemical or power generation industries, or systems fabrication, the interchangeable motor drives and state of the art design will provide you with stable operation and smooth results.


  • 7 clamps and only 1 mandrel covers tools full range
  • Choose from 4 drives, offering up to 4500 ft lbs of torque
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely versatile, prepping schedules from 3.75 ID to 14 OD

Drive Options

You can select from 4 gear drives that are easily swapped out. Our standard pneumatic straight motor drive provides you with 3 hp of power, and 2000 ft lbs of torque. Our 3 hp offset gear reduction pneumatic straight drive motor can deliver up to 4000 ft lbs of torque. The 1800 Watt Electric Motor option is available in 110 or 230 volt. For the most heavy duty applications, select the hydraulic motor drive, which provides you with 4500 ft lbs of torque.

Long Lasting Reliable Performance

The Commander features extremely rugged opposed tapered roller bearings that provide you with easy adjustment and years of service without wearing out. The unique clamping system ensures smooth cutter head rotation, and minimizes vibration.

Order your Commander Millhog pipe beveling machine for reliable heavy duty end prep and get express delilvery.


Commander Millhog