Thanks to Our Customers for a Great 2017

The holidays are approaching quickly and we wish the best of the season to your family.

As 2017 comes to a close, we like to look back at the year and revisit the content you liked best.

E-RAD-2500-COMPWhy you NEED to calibrate your torque tools

We only posted this infographic back in November, but it was an instant hit with many of our readers.

Maybe for the simplicity, maybe because people just like flowcharts, or maybe because it was actually useful.

Regardless of why, it’s worth revisiting.

Torque tools aren’t hammers, after all. There is a touch of muscle involved in using them, but there is a degree of precision in getting the right torque on the bolt.

That precision requires the tool to be calibrated and certified.

Do you need to calibrate your torque tools right now? Find out!

The 6 questions you should ask about torque in your workplace

Stahlwille Torque ToolsAsking these 6 questions at work can improve results and productivity for all your workers.

  • What are my real torque needs?
  • Do I have the right tools?
  • Is my equipment accurate?
  • Are my employees properly trained (and retrained)?
  • When was the last time I inspected my torque tools?

And finally…why haven’t you partnered with Ultra Torq yet?

Answering these questions can help put your business and your employees on a better track.

Get the full version here.

4 reasons you should use Torq-Comm’s commander line of tools

Torq-Comm engineers some of the most advanced, innovative tools available for hydraulic torque collection and control.

Other than that, why should you consider investing in Torq-Comm tools?

  • They include powerful features, from GPS to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • The technology is advanced. Accurate GPS and instant capture of torque and pressure readings.
  • They are safe, adhering to every workplace safety standard.
  • Setup is easy, especially with automatic data transfer to the cloud.

The video is online right here.

Torque wrench storage and 7 things to know about your torque wrenches.

Sometimes we get caught up in the routine of work and forget the basics.

Readers were able to look at their workflows and identify simple changes thanks to this blog.

If you have a spring type torque wrench, follow these instructions. If you want to skip these processes, use Stahlwille.

  • Don’t let your torque tool click over so much.
  • Only work anticlockwise if your tool says it can.
  • Always zero your torque wrench before storage.
  • Listen to manufacturers.
  • Always apply the adjustment lock if your torque wrench has one.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum torque on undoing operations.
  • Use marked loading points for accurate results.

Find the full story on our blog here.

2017 was amazing, and we owe that entirely to our customers. Your feedback helps us serve you better by improving our product and service offerings.

When you’re ready to update your tools or calibrate your existing gear in 2018, we’ll be ready!

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