Take Care of That Headache Today

No more bolting pain!

Do you have bolting headaches? We have a painkiller for you.

When you buy something, you don’t just want the object you bought, but the outcome it creates.

We don’t buy painkillers because taking pills is fun – we want the outcome – relief from pain.

Yes – the TORQ-COMM product is rugged, handheld and easy to use!

Yes – the software is cloud based and user friendly!

But the headaches go away with one final outcome – the verification report!

torque toolsThe report is a document recording all of the, who, what, when and how of the bolting procedure.

It provides a record fixed in time that verifies the procedure was done correctly, and can be kept for future reference.

The keys to security and voracity of the report data are:

  1. Pressure and load data cannot be manually entered.
  2. Once collected, it is impossible to modify or delete any of the pressure and load data.

With very user-friendly software, and control of data, the report is a 100% accurate reflection of the bolting job, relieving the headaches that ensue without TORQ-COMM.

Give us a call and we’ll find your pain reliever today.