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Why do we torque bolts, with high attention to detail? Consider that on August 20th, 2011 the US military investigated the crash of a Global Hawk aircraft drone outside of Kandahar Afghanistan. The subsequent report concluded that the cause of … Continue reading

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Every project has unique needs. For example, how do you choose between bolt tensioning and torquing? You need to consider your budget, the degree of accuracy required, and whether you need your bolt to be easy to control. This infographic … Continue reading

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How Does a Bolt Tensioner Work? Tension is the stretch or elongation of a bolt that provides the clamping force of a joint. A bolt and nut are designed to act together as the internal threaded fastener (nut) is tightened … Continue reading

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Torque verification is vitally important… If you ever doubt that verifying the correct residual load in each and every bolt is key in industrial bolting applications, read on. On December 24th 2015, a three year old wind turbine collapsed across … Continue reading

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