To achieve more productivity, orbital cutting tools will transform the way you operate. Orbital cutting tools are designed to improve accuracy, repeatability and productivity, which allows operators to work for longer periods of time. Ultra Torq carries AXXAIR orbital cutting … Continue reading

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Good quality tools should remain in calibration for a year or more. However, with regular use, your torque tools will fall out of calibration.   That doesn’ t mean they’re poor quality or your technicians are doing the job wrong … Continue reading

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8 ways to increase productivity in your manufacturing business Every increase in productivity for your manufacturing business translates to an increase in profits. Even if you think things work smoothly, there is almost always space for improvement. These 8 tips … Continue reading

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Pipeline safety is a priority for everybody *Thanks to Torq Comm for this valuable industry insight. Oil, gas and other fuels and chemicals crisscross the continent and beyond through a sprawling system of pipelines under the privy of various operators. … Continue reading

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Ultra Torq will be a proud exhibitor at FABTECH Canada 2018, the country’s leading metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event. We’ll be occupying Booth 1181 at the Toronto Congress Centre (South Building) from June 12 to 14, and we … Continue reading

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Safe hydraulic and pneumatic tool use on busy job sites Almost everyone working with tools has been hurt on the job or knows someone who was injured. Most safety incidents that occur while using hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrenches can … Continue reading

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How Does a Bolt Tensioner Work? Tension is the stretch or elongation of a bolt that provides the clamping force of a joint. A bolt and nut are designed to act together as the internal threaded fastener (nut) is tightened … Continue reading

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No more bolting pain! Do you have bolting headaches? We have a painkiller for you. When you buy something, you don’t just want the object you bought, but the outcome it creates. We don’t buy painkillers because taking pills is … Continue reading

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The right tool can earn your business far more than the tool’s purchase price We can tell you all day how good our products are, but don’t take our word for it. Let the results speak for themselves. An established contractor … Continue reading

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Torque verification is vitally important… If you ever doubt that verifying the correct residual load in each and every bolt is key in industrial bolting applications, read on. On December 24th 2015, a three year old wind turbine collapsed across … Continue reading

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