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Torque tool care to keep your tools in accurate working condition. Taking good care of your tools helps extend their lives and stops the business from replacing them so soon. Daily care in operation and regular maintenance is a smart … Continue reading

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The holidays are approaching quickly and we wish the best of the season to your family. As 2017 comes to a close, we like to look back at the year and revisit the content you liked best. Why you NEED … Continue reading

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Torque wrench storage and other basics you might have forgotten. Let’s get back to basics. There are essentially 8 fundamentals any torque wrench user should know. These 8 fundamentals: Extend the life of your tools, saving you money. Improve workflow, … Continue reading

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You go to the doctor and dentist regularly for checkups, right? (At least, you should be…) You take your car into the shop for its scheduled inspections, don’t you? Guess what? You should also be conducting regular calibration and maintenance … Continue reading

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To achieve more productivity with less man-power, pneumatic tools will transform the way you operate. It’s no secret that using the right bolting tools can drastically decrease the time you spend tightening and removing fasteners – so why aren’t more … Continue reading

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The foundation to a successful company is a strong team of skilled workers. If you have not developed a training program for your staff, you could face a decrease in production and an increase in injuries and lost profits. Plus, … Continue reading

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Having the best and more reliable tools is extremely important, but ensuring those tools are properly maintained is equally – if not, more important. It’s important to note that certain tools operate fine without special care and attention however, many … Continue reading

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Give yourself an edge with the world’s first digital, cordless, lithium-ion programmable torque wrench. DB-RAD battery operated torque wrenches feature a digital display and single increment torque settings, making it easy to read and operate. Battery torque guns offer better … Continue reading

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In the industrial product manufacturing and assembling worlds, it is crucial to fully understand the importance of proper torque control. And not knowing how to tighten, loosen, or measure the level of torque on fasteners, could be detrimental to your … Continue reading

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Torque controlled bolting is a highly important aspect of your operations, and if you rush through the process, you may not achieve the secure final result that your job requires. Using the right equipment the right way can improve efficiency … Continue reading

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