4 Top New Products for 2017

Ultra Torq is a major supplier of high quality torquing and bolting tools, and tools for pipe and tube, and provides innovative production-boosting solutions throughout Eastern Canada.

But they’re getting even better.

This year, we’re highlighting 4 top products, which are sure to increase your productivity and decrease your downtime.

AXXAIR Cut & Bevel

For quick and precise pipe cutting and beveling, AXXAIR will transform the way you work.

Powerful enough to handle various pipe fabrication jobs, AXXAIR orbital cutting tools are designed to improve accuracy, repeatability, and productivity.

And since there are various types of saw blades and cutters available, it is possible to machine a variety of materials including:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Non-Ferrous
  • And more!

Orbital cutting with AXXAIR is faster and more efficient compared to other conventional pipe tools.

See the AXXAIR cut and bevel tools we carry here.

Esco Flange Hog 110

The Flange Hog 110 is rugged, compact and ideal for quickly reconditioning rusty, scarred and worn flange gasket seats to like-new condition in minutes.

This easy to operate flange facing tool is perfect for re-facing RF and FF flanges, and it produces a perfectly precise phonographic finish.

This unique product can be used by contractors during refit or rebuilds of piping systems. View all of the industries we serve here.

What else is great about the Esco Flange Hog 110?

  • Manually operated, no electrical, hydraulic, or air lines necessary
  • Smooth swing operation produces perfectly precise finish
  • Accurately mounts to the flange I.D. in seconds
  • Strong hardware that is easy to use and makes setup fast

Learn more about our Esco products here.

Esco Hog Tie

The Hog Tie boiler tube weld alignment tools work hard so you don’t have to: Speeding up the welding process by quickly and accurately aligning new boiler tube ends with existing tubes in preparation for creating welded tube joints.


It is important to have solid alignment tools because accurate tube end alignment helps to make a better tube joint and reduces the risk of tube joint failure due to inaccurate alignment.

What makes the Esco Hog Tie so great?

  • Provides quick tube end alignment for welding
  • Speeds up welding process, reducing downtime
  • Reduces costly tube joint failure

View all of our Esco products here.

AMT Nutrunners

Handheld industrial tools from AMT have a successful history of use by automotive companies in Europe and are extremely popular for their reliability and power.

The motor and drive units are designed to last, which in turn, minimizes maintenance costs and keeps your operations running.

The best part? AMT Nutrunners are equipped with reaction torque sensors, which aid in determining the torque with consistent precision.

Learn more about our nutrunners here.

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