T-CON Tower Base Tensioners

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Product Description

T-CON Hydraulic Anchor Rod Tensioner

Norwolf’s versatile T-CON bolt tensioner is designed where ground anchor rods are
used such as wind, transmission or communication tower installation. These quality
tools are extremely safe, and certified.


  • Certified to NIST Standards
  • For use with any 10k pump, operates only at 10000 psi
  • Available in a wide range of sizes: from 1”-6”, or 19mm-150mm
  • Proprietary Rod or standard thread options available
  • Single-seal design provides the most effective piston area of pressure
  • Totally encapsulated to prevent piston blowout if accidentally pressurized
  • Models with an extended bridge are available for windmill base applications
  • Tools have been out in operation for years and thousands of cycles without having seals changed.

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