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Missing-Link Offset Multiplier

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Product Description

Working in Confined Areas? You need the Missing Link Offset Multiplier

For all of your limited clearance applications, the Missing Link connects to any RAD or Norwolf bolting tool to simplify your job. If you’re working in tight spaces where sockets cannot fit, this tool will make your difficult job more manageable, and save you time.

How it works:

  • Uses levers instead of gears to give you the most accurate result
  • Input force determines reaction force
  • User can react on the same plane when using optional reaction arm

Safe and Reliable

Designed with safety in mind, the fully enclosed housing eliminates any pinch points that you might experience. Its aluminum construction is strong, and durable.

Accurate torque multiplication can be achieved at a 4:1 Ratio or a 6:1 Ratio.

Also Available

  • Double sided multipliers
  • Custom Hex sizes
  • Different configurations
  • 1 inch and 1.5 inch drives

Order your Missing Link Offset Multiplier today for express delivery and get accurate bolting results in confined spaces.


Missing Link Offset Multiplier