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T-CON Bolt Tensioner

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Product Description

T-CON Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

Norwolf’s versatile hydraulic bolt tensioner is used to a great extent in the oil refinery, gas transmission, and power generation industries. These quality tools are safe, easy to fit on bolts, and certified. They will eliminate your potential for strain and injury.


  • Perfect for use in your hard to reach areas, or areas with restricted space
  • Available in imperial, or metric measurements
  • Certified to NIST Standards
  • For use with any 10k pump, operates only at 10000 psi
  • Available in a wide range of sizes: from 1”-6”, or 19mm-150mm
  • Williams rod or standard thread options
  • Single-seal design provides the user with the most effective square inches of pressure
  • A model with an extended bridge is available for windmill base applications

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T-CON Bolt Tensioner