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Bolting Tools

When having a reliable seal is important, starting with a reliable torque multiple or bolting tool is critical. Click through the categories below to explore the hydraulic bolting tools, torque audit wrench, pneumatic torque guns, hydraulic pumps, and other Ultra Torq tested products.


Modern torque multipliers and bolting tools improve efficiency

Using the best quality torque multipliers and other tools will make you more streamlined in every task on the job site. Equipment that is consistent, provides accurate, dependable results, and is safe, easy and ergonomical to operate is critical in achieving the greatest level of productivity.

The extensive selection of premium bolting tools are available to you:

Torque control bolting is a highly important aspect of your operations. If you rush through the process, you might not achieve the secure final result that your job requires. Using the right equipment the right way can improve efficiency on site and help your crew meet tighter deadlines than you thought possible. We offer free consultations to show you where using the right products can help streamline your applications.

Our hydraulic bolting equipment eliminates the struggle of tightening fasteners in hard to reach places. Their sleek design and durable construction will provide you with accurate repeatability over the long term. Depending on what is the most useful for your application, we provide you with made to measure or adjustable wrenches. The more purposeful we can be in our design, the quicker you can get the job done.

Using our custom pneumatic equipment for your precision bolting will give you accurate final torque quickly, and easily. Lightweight and fast working tools provide dependable solutions for fastener tightening while allowing you to avoid fatigue. Stud Tensioning in your important connections needs to be failsafe. Trust an Ultra Torq tensioner to deliver proper bolt loading. We offer only the most respected brands, with proven success.

View our catalogue to find the torque multiplier and other products that will help your crew get the job done right the first time, every time.